Balthazar Horgar Phantomcrown the 2nd (Sean)

Duergar Wizard


Balthazar stands at 4’2” tall and weighs around 175 lbs, making him a typical, if fairly short, member of the Duergar race. His skin is a pale gray and his eyes are beady red points sunken into his skull. He is completely bald and sports a thinly waxed white mustache that curls upwards at the ends. His racial coloring combined with his angular features give him a somewhat threatening appearance, despite the fact that his most common facial expression is a wide grin. Anyone paying attention will also notice that he is missing the little finger of his left hand.


Balthazar adjusted to life in Whenua fairly quickly, since he had no particular desire to return the life of harsh judgment and fierce competition that he had left behind in the Underdark. After finding a home in Dockside Orphanage #3, his aptitude for arcana quickly earned him a place studying in the wizard college. However his expensive tastes caused him to routinely shirk his studies in favor of learning spells designed to make him the most money. After being reprimanded by his instructors Balthazar began working as a lookout for the thieves guild to make extra coin, a choice that would have disastrous consequences. During a now infamous bank heist Balthazar and a handful of other low ranked members of the guild were captured and imprisoned. He never revealed the name of his contact and eventually lost a finger as a result of his unwillingness to cut a deal.After his release the wizard college had a hearing as to whether or not to expel him and only through the intervention of headmistress Aerynella was he allowed to remain a student under very close scrutiny. The lessons of the justice system were not entirely lost on Balthazar who has since tempered his desire for gold into a motivation instead of an all consuming desire.Balthazar, now 18, has worked his way back into his teacher’s good graces at the college. At the orphanage, where he is known as “Balthy the Baldy”, he has spent the past 3 years using his low level thieves guild connections to open a semi-secret shop for the younger children where he offers mostly benign items like toys and candy in exchange for the other orphan’s meager earnings or, in some cases, a “favor to be named later”. Although many of his fellow orphans and classmates look at him with mistrust, both because of his race and his criminal record, he has earned place for himself, acting as a generous friend to those who accept him and as a source of inconvenient “accidents” to those cross him

Balthazar Horgar Phantomcrown the 2nd (Sean)

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