Extany (Josh)

Human Cleric of Kelemvor


Extany arrived in Whenua while very young. The best guess of those who found him and Aerynella the kindly head mother is that he arrived somewhere around the age of 2. Having no real memories of his time before arriving in the city, Extany grew up more or less as a native, though he always seemed a little odd (thus his name). Those few who would befriend him called him Ex.

After turning 6 Extany started taking odd jobs anywhere he could in order to help bring money into the orphanage. He would take any job, from cleaning to manual labour, and see it through. One day, Extany found himself cleaning the church of Kelemvor when a man stumbled in and collapsed in the entryway. Extany approached the man and shook him to see if he was alright, but no, the cold pallor of death was on him.

Extany went to find Volahk, the man who offered him this job, but he was no where to be found. Extany couldn’t just leave the dead man in the entrance so he began to drag the man to the preparation room. Luckily the man was so emaciated he was practically weightless. Halfway to the room Extany could swear the man was twitching, but after a moment he thought, “it’s probably just the cobblestones”. Then suddenly the dead man’s contorted face snapped up and peered deep into Extany’s eyes. There was a flash of dark light and the man fell still. Volahk stepped out from the back room muttering “filthy undead”. Towards Extany he said, “It should be fine now, please bring him in.” Extany helped strip, clean, and prepare the body. To him this was nothing unusual. Volahk noticed Extany’s lack of squeamishness and decided to hire him on as a regular helper for the church.

From then on Extany devoted himself to Volahk and the church of Kelmvor. Eventually becoming a true follower. When he became strong enough Volahk began to teach him the ways of the cleric and how to fight. Extany is now 13 and has come into his own as a Acolyte of Kelemvor.

Extany (Josh)

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